The Fvtvre of Venture Building

"Most Innovative Venture Building Firm 2023" Private Equity & Venture Capital Awards

We design, develop and launch new ventures. Put simply, we look for new opportunities to grow, scale and explore the market, and use our in-house team to capture market share

Fvtvre means leveraging our experience as innovators and consumers, overcoming inertia and building businesses that create value, impact and sustainability at their core.

Our investment thesis is straight-forward, we work with our own team to scout for opportunities in the market and then combine our internal team with local external experts to grow and scale the ventures. 

Featured venture

The Fvtvre of Residential Rental Protection

On the side of transparency, fairness and independence, PropX is a hybrid technology and operating company that creates immutable audit records of residential rental properties and the assets contained within to avoid costly and stressful dispute incidents during and following tenancy agreements. PropX creates a single source of truth for all parties, backed by a digitally accessible written and photographic evidence catalogue.

The Fvtvre of Automated Decisioning

The Fvtvre of AI Chatbots

The Fvtvre of Supercar Private Members Club

The Fvtvre of Early Childhood Education

The Fvtvre of Pet Health Tracking